Country Head - Thailand

Country Head - Thailand

17 Dec 14:00 by Wan Pang


Reccelerate have recently delivered another Country-level retained search for one of our long-standing clients in Asia.  As part of a succession exercise, the Reccelerate team were mandated to identify a Thai national with a background in executive recruitment as well as mid-level search.

The Thai market has traditionally been a tough market when it comes to identifying experienced search talent with many operators tending to relocate staff from other locations as a workaround.  This particular route has been described as a little hit and miss when it comes to discussing effectiveness and results - mainly due to the steep learning curve and lifestyle adjustment required to be based in Thailand.

Having the right level of cultural awareness and sensitivity, a firm understanding of Thai business practices and a natural ability to connect with Thai people at the decision-making level is not easy but is vital!

The finalist was selected from a pool of candidates which included those who either had an interest in working in Thailand but were based elsewhere in Asia or they had previously worked in Thailand and were looking for the right opportunity to return.  All of the candidates had their unique strengths and weaknesses as well as plenty of value to add to the business but the final selection was made based on the incumbent being Thai, an overseas education background, along with more than 12 years in executive search.