We are in this business for the long haul and we are passionate about helping raising standards and a better awareness and appreciation of what we do as recruiters. RECCELERATE is a business born in Asia and our core management team have more than 30 years collective experience in search in Hong Kong, Japan and India and across other parts of SEA. Our primary concern is aligning ourselves with the top 30% of recruiters at whatever stage you are in your careers, to better understand where you want to go next, when the time comes. We will take time to understand whether you seek to manage and lead teams or would rather find the optimum environment to maximize your client opportunities and revenue earnings potential. We also work with many corporate clients who seek exceptional in-house talent acquisition managers and can advise on what it takes to make the transition successful.

We don’t expect any short term fixes in the majority of cases but we will always welcome the chance to meet, to exchange market information and see how we can help each other down the way.